High-Tea on Al Qasr Jumeirah Hotel

In the dawn of nineteen century the tea consumption was increased in Great Britain and few years later the art of High-Tea was mastered. All of my British friends agree that this is a great tradition. It is a perfect, chic get-together way for every occasion; from meeting friends to celebrating birthdays. For the non-British, like myself, it was just a great experience!

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High-Tea is served from 2pm until 5pm. So start your afternoon by booking in any five star hotel that offers the afternoon tea experience. Choose the type of the tea that you prefer and enjoy the delicious canapés and pastries, prepared exclusively for the afternoon tea. Add a glass of bubbly that will blend perfectly with the tastes and the fusions!

The Al Qasr Hotel offers a unique experience with a generous variety of canapés and pastries. Do not get yourself full because there is an amazing chocolate fondue at the end of your tea!

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Tip: Don’t forget to dress up!


3 thoughts on “High-Tea on Al Qasr Jumeirah Hotel

  1. Looks absolutely amazing. Way better than the high tea in many five star hotels in Europe. For example, the one at the renownend Hotel Sacher in Salzburg was really disappointing.


    • Thank you for your comment! The truth is that in Dubai the guests are enjoying high quality services. The five-star hotels are way better than the 5* hotels in Europe. The expectations are really high and you will definitely wont be disappointed.

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      • That’s absolutely true. When I visited Abu Dhabi, I had the same feeling. Everything better and of a higher quality. Meanwhile, the prices are usually not as high as in Europe.


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