Gourmet Bahrain #Bushido & #Masso

Bahrain is a small island located in the Persian Gulf. You will need to zoom in a lot in the google maps in order to see its real dimensions. Therefore, Bahrain is my favourite country in the Gulf as the people are probably the friendliest arabs you will ever meet.

I have visited Bahrain many times the past year and I had the chance to dine in the most special restaurants. Today I am sharing with you my top two places to dine in Bahrain.



Bushido is created by the Buddha Bar legacy. It is located beside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, one of the oldest and largest hotels in Bahrain. It is an absolutely huge restaurant, with a main dining area, bar area, private dining, terrace and shisha place. In Bushido you can enjoy great asian cuisine and the finest sushi in town !

Do not forget to visit the bar area and try the special cocktails! If you are lucky you will see the bartenders setting the bar literally on fire by giving a great fire show!

Explore and Book at: http://www.bushido.com.bh/

wall_of_samurai    bar-area


Masso Restaurant

Before leaving from Bahrain do not miss the opportunity to visit Masso! Located in The Palace Boutique Hotel, the Masso restaurant is a true Italian miracle. Inspired by the mediterranean way of life the decoration will travel you to the houses of Tuscany and the flavours will offer you a real Italian experience.

Start your dinner with the antipasti and continue with the main dishes. All the dishes are exquisite; because all their products are fresh and cooked with love. Do not forget to assort your dinner with a wine , as in Masso you will find a great wine selection from all over the world.

Do not forget to make a reservation before you go as Masso is fully booked every night!

Explore and Book at: http://massorestaurant.com/

massobychefsusy    Masso

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