Vote for the Greek Islands to Receive the Nobel Peace Prize

Over 100,000 refugees arrived in Greece in 2015. Most of the refugees tried to approach Europe from the sea. Countless people died trying to reach to the land. The people of Greece where there to help them.

Thousands of volunteers from Greece and the world gathered in the Greek islands to assist and help the people coming mainly from Syria and the Middle East.

The greek coast guard was helping the boats daily and the world observed a massive landing of refugees to spread them across Europe.


Greek old ladies are feeding the baby of a Syrian woman – Lesvos 2015

The volunteers provided special blankets, food, warm clothes and shoes, not to mention the medical assistance and a place to stay and sleep.

World class actresses, Susan Sarandon and Oscar-winning British actress Vanessa Redgrave visited Greece and experienced first hand the crisis.

More than 1,000 people arrive in the islands every day!

Now, there is a movement for the Greek Islands to Receive the Nobel Peace Prize for their Contributions Aiding the Refugee Crisis!

Each vote is important ! Visit the below link and vote:



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