The Yoga Retreat in Bali

Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches and the outstanding natural forests. Bali has been a top destination for honeymooners and backpackers as it combines everything; Luxurious hotels, affordable condos, great nightlife, gourmet restaurants, great historic places and organised museums and of course the best yoga !

I have always been a fan of yoga but I am not practicing it on a regular basis. Hence, once I found myself in Bali I was sure I had to visit a yoga place. I checked online, of course and I found the best place in Ubud!

In the heart of Ubud there is a beautiful Yoga studio, the Taksu Yoga. It feels like you are entering a garden with a petit lake in the middle and the forest build around it.

Since I would call myself a beginner, I signed up for the basic course. I was informed that people in Bali are usually much advanced and they do not usually practice this course. I was so lucky I was the only person that particular day so I had the full attention of the teacher ! As a beginner I really enjoyed the attention as in most classes the yoga teacher has a big class so she or he cannot correct everyone.

The studio is made of wood inside the forest with open air windows. The only sound you hear are the sounds of the forest, which helps enormously to concentrate on breathing and the exercise. Even the basic yoga level was intense and I could really feel the exercise on every inch of my body. The teacher was extremely kind, patient and helpful.

After one hour of class enjoy a fresh juice in the bar to relax and boost your energy.




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