Hello Melbourne Vol 2: Wine Tasting at the Yarra Valley

I was really excited to experience wine tasting for the first time. Despite a terrible jet lag,  I really loved it and I am definitely trying it in more countries.

Wine tasting is clearly a big industry for the Australians that is why they were extremely organised. We booked our trip from the Tourists desk and the next day at 8am sharp we had a van waiting for us few meters away from our hotel.

It took us less than an hour to reach to our first stop a boutique strawberry liqueur producer next to a delicatessen.

Next stop on the tour was a cute chocolate factory. It was extremely overpriced but I can imagine being a kid in that store!

After the chocolate factory we entered a boutique Beer brewery and cider producer. Cider is also extremely popular in Australia and I was surprised of all the different versions of it.

The wine tasting was next ! We visited 2 wine yards, in which we drank crisp wines and had amazing Italian food! What else?

 We had cheese platters with grapes, pizzas and hand made ravioli with spinach.

I wont promote a specific wine, but I must admit we had one of the best Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot.

It is a must try experience as the wine industry is getting more and more sophisticated.


Book your wine tour from the office Tourist help in Melbourne. There are tours for every budget and it is best to try it with one of them as the fee to enter the wine estates is more expensive

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