Unexpected Bogota

Bogota has been a total great surprise! Bogota is a beautiful destination for a city break that includes beautiful attractions, monuments and a place where people are friendly and genuinely nice.

The area that most tourist should stay is Chico; is an area safe, with beautiful parks, restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. In Chico you feel like you are in an European city. The apartments and the offices are modern, the streets are clean and the neighborhood is full of life . Colombias love their pets and it is very common to see dog walkers with 20 dogs around them or people walking their dogs in the parks.

Downtown Bogota

In my opinion downtown in Bogota is not the most beautiful part of the city. However is a must visit since it has its charm. For example, the Plaza Bolivar is a must visit. The Parliament and the church is a part you cannot miss since is a big part of the Colombian history.

Plaza Bolivar
the Parliament at Plaza de Bolivar

In downtown, we also find the famous Museo Botero, dedicated to the Colombian artist Fernando Botero. The roads around the museo are also very charming as they have a feeling of another century .

The Museo Botero


Is a beautiful monastery on top of a mountain . You can reach Monserate via cable car, via train or you can walk up a very long and difficult walk!

For the locals, Monserate is a holy place where people are going to pray and make offerings. Many people told me that Colombians believe Monserate is a holy place where miracles happen. Lot’s of people walk up on their knees to prove their dedication.

On the top of Monserate you can see the full view of the Bogota, you can shop and eat the local delicacies.

the Candelaria graffiti road

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