The Best Brunch in Colombo, Sri Lanka

I must admit I am a serial brunch lover and since I avoid drinking during the day, I choose places which are special and which will satisfy your taste to the max. Talking about taste, I found the best all day breakfast place in Colombo, the One Up!

Two Australian surfers founded this boutique restaurant in the capital of Sri Lanka. The place is really small and that is because all dishes are cooked by one of the owners! The variety is not big but all portions are large and very delicious. If you are visiting Colombo, I would recommend you to try the Eggs Benedict with Crab and the Poached Eggs with Avocado and Feta cheese!

one up 2.jpg

You will be served by the owners and you will have one of the best experience guarantee.

Bon Appetit !

Tip: There are no service taxes applied in the bill so do not forget to tip them well!


Hotel Report – Paradise Road Tintagel – Colombo, Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka you will find many differences. You will meet very rich and very poor people, you will see luxurious hotels and houses without doors, you will see beautiful temples, street artists, gems trading and dancing snakes.

If you are planning visiting Colombo and you love the boutique hotels, there is only one place I would recommend.

The Paradise Road Tintagel Hotel.


From the architecture, to the interior and the food everything is exquisite! The building is a piece of art, a real British old-school mansion. The suites are really spacious with several spaces and a huge bathroom. It’s not a secret that Prince Charles and Kamila, the Duchess of Cornwall, were staying this beautiful hotel during their visit in Sri Lanka.

EXH969_EXH969IMG_1829 Paradise Road Tintagel lounge and piano21122010_A coltgl_pard0001141759821725812_big

The location is also very convenient as you are only few minutes away from most of the historic attractions of Colombo.

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