Anantara Peace Heaven Tangalle Resort

Looking through the window of the airplane as you are about to land in Sri Lanka you see a beautiful tropical jungle ! Sri Lanka is a unique place ! Is a beautiful island just below India and very close to the Maldives.

After landing you take a car and you travel about 4 hours to reach the ultimate heaven! The Anantara Peace Heaven Tangale Resort is a brand new resort and the first of the Anantara group in Sri Lanka.

I cant really describe how amazing my experience at this resort was.

Although we arrived very late at night, the check in was a fantastic experience. Our driver got complementary accommodation in the resort for as long as we were staying there.

The fist night we checked in to a beautiful garden villa but the next day we asked to be upgraded and got the most amazing ocean view pool Villa you will ever see! All villas are really spacious and the bathrooms are massive with luxurious amenities.

Extra Luxury : Each villa has a Butler service

The management of the this hotel really thought of everything !! Inside the villa you can find flip-flops (in case you didn’t bring with you), a bag for the swimming pool, 3 kind of pillows, even a anti-mosquito gel.


My Ocean View Villa

The breakfast was huge as well! They are offering wonderful selection of every kind of breakfast you can think of: from international, to Arabic and Chinese. All the fruits were really tasty and fresh. Do not forget to try the amazing coconuts!

Beautiful to See: The resort has a local person who climbs the coconut trees and cuts the fruits to be served to the guests!

Although the infinity pool is beautiful we fell in love with the beach. The sun beds were really comfortable, the staff very nice and very considerate.

Extra Pampering: Once you were siting in the pool or in the beach, the staff would bring you the towels and a basket with: two bottles of water, a pair of flip flops, 2 fresh oranges and a sun block!

Everyone in the hotel is really friendly and polite. They were extremely helpful. The Resort also offers 3 restaurants and 3 spots for private dining.

I would definitely recommend the Private Dining as the set menu is really massive and delicious.

Once in Sri Lanka you have to try the sea food and especially the crabs, the lobster and the shrimps. Do not miss the curries ! Although most of them are really spicy, the taste is rewarding!

Enjoy !


The Italian Restaurant

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Sri Lanka Map

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Botswana Tales #2: Safari at Chobe National Park

The safari is surely one of the most interesting experiences in life and not everyone will be able to live it. But mark my words: it is worth it!

After spending four months in Botswana, I managed to organise a safari in the famous Chobe National Park. Definitely the Okavango Delta is the most famous attraction of Botswana and I would not disagree but the Chobe National Park is equal in beauty and it is full of the wild life.

 Tip: You can access the Kasane area via road, it takes about 6 hours drive from Gaborone and you will need to use a 4×4 vehicle, or by air with Air Botswana. The flight takes about 2 hours.

We started our tour with a river safari. The river is the natural boarder between Botswana and Namibia. It is magnificent to see two countries, separated by a wide river. Our driver was experienced and he was explaining all the kind of details. There are several animals living inside and around of this river such as hippos, crocodiles, impalas, buffalos, elephants as well as all kind of birds.

The river tour takes about 3 hours and the waters are very dangerous. Luckily the guides really know how close they can go to the animals and they are really careful.

Tip: The best season to have a safari in Botswana is from May to October – before the raining season

The following day we woke up 5am to start the real safari inside the National Park. The guide told us, that early morning is the best time to see the predators in action! The tour started at 5:30 and lasted until 11am. It was an amazing experience although we were not able to see the Lions.. This is what happens in the wild.. you have to be lucky; you do not have a date with the animals.

However, we saw a family of elephants, we saw the african buffalos, we saw lots of impalas, many wild boars, hawks, the african wild cat, wild rabbits and baboons. I have to admit, the most friendly animals are the elephants and the giraffes!

Tip: The are is not Malaria free. The visitor is advised to use the anti mosquito spray called, peaceful sleep , on the body and on the clothes.

At the same day, we had also a night safari; started at 10pm for only an hour! It is a bit scary because the night in the park is really dark and the driver is looking for the eyes of the animals. Despite that, I would definitely recommend it as it is a very special experience.

On the last day, we decided to visit one of the village. The people in the villages in Kasane are really poor. Although they have a school, not all children are attending the classes. The life for the people is harsh. That is why, we decided to buy books, colouring pencils and cookies for the children of the village. The amount we spent was very small, but we felt we contributed a little to these children. When you are around them, you feel you are not doing enough for them; but no matter how small is the contribution it is worth it !

*Tip: Gather a small amount and buy something for the kids; clothes, shoes, food or school supplies are always welcome.

**Dress Tips:

#1: Buy fake hair and do some braids on your head! It is really comfortable when you are in the wild because it can last up to a week and you do not need to worry on washing them!

#2: Always wear hats and long-sleeves! Try to cover as much of your body as possible.

Some more pictures!

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2015-12-11 17.35.39

*all photos taken by me